Elementary Attendance Incentive Program

Elementary Attendance Incentive Program

For the past several years, Lexington Elementary has offered an attendance incentive program. The goal of this incentive program is to encourage students to do their best to stay healthy and be at school each day to learn. The program will include short and long term goals and will be structured as follows:

Absence will be defined as a student missing school for any reason. In the past, exceptions were made for certain days missed (i.e. doctor appointments, doctor notes, etc.). However, beginning this school year, these days will not be considered exceptions for purposes of this attendance program.

*Short term goal: Quarterly Attendance Superstars

Each quarter, students have the opportunity to be recognized as an Attendance Superstar. An Attendance Superstar is a student who has no more than one day total of absence during a single quarter. At the end of each quarter, Attendance Superstars will receive a ticket to enter into a prize raffle.

*Long term goal: Yearly Perfect Attendance Superstar

At the end of the school year, all students who have achieved Perfect Attendance for the entire year will also be recognized. Perfect Attendance will be defined as any student who misses zero days for the entire school year.

Please keep in mind this program is intended to be a reward and to encourage healthy lifestyles and commitment to learning from all of our families. Any questions regarding the attendance incentive program can be directed to Mrs. Bachman at wbachman@lexington.k12.il.us.

(Information on the school's absence policy can be found in the Elementary Student Handbook, pg 12-14)